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    Why be a Careworld London live-in carer?

    Live in care allows you or your loved ones to stay at home and enjoy one-to-one full time care on your terms, to your schedule in familiar, relaxed surroundings. Supported by a fully trained Live-in Carer who works to an individually designed care plan, many people find this one-to-one personal home care service ideal.

    From various conversation had with all of our care team members, it is evident that supporting clients with all aspects of their daily living at home offers a real sense of purpose and job satisfaction and that all of these roles as germane as they are do come with their challenges and rewards. We believe that in order to fulfil the special role of a live-in carer, the reassurance of working with a supportive team is essential.

    Many service users have family carers looking after them almost all the time. That family carer needs a regular break probably for one week in every four or six weeks. If the service user does not want to go into a nursing or respite home, we can provide a carer to live-in with the client while the family carer takes a well earned break.

    As a Careworld London live-in carer support is being received in a variety of ways namely:
    • Clients and carers are introduced prior to a new support package starting, with great emphasis placed on individual carer and clients’ needs being matched together. All clients’ needs are thoroughly assessed and support plans are agreed with our clients, their circle of support and the Careworld London care team.
    • The Careworld London office team are on hand 24 hours a day in case any concerns arise.
    • Live-in carers are not expected to be continuously on duty for 24 hours, as pre-arranged rest periods are properly organised. Team members sent to cover the breaks and annual leave will always be experienced Careworld London carers, and we will ensure you always know the colleague you hand over to.
    • All team members at Careworld London are permanent employees and therefore have all the benefits of insurances, cover for if you are unwell and statutory benefits such as sick pay, maternity pay and a pension contribution.
    • Training at Careworld London is free and accredited, enabling you to build on any lifetime ambitions. Cover to attend training is on-going and our Care Training Academy will support your personal development goals up to diploma level.
    • Careworld London hold the prestigious Investors in People Gold award and take the wellbeing of our team very seriously. Careworld London are here to ensure that you are in the best position possible to support your client.
    • The team at Careworld London always want to hear your voice and will seek your views formally and informally along the way.

    So if you are dedicated and passionate about building a career as a live in carer with Careworld London. Kindly get across to us for an informal chat..

    Contact Ashiqur Rahman, Recruitment Officer ashique@Careworldlondon.com or our Recruitment Supervisordikaia@CareworldLondon.com

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