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  • Who we support and care

    Service User groupwe care and support

    We aim to provide our services a wide and diverse community

    Careworld London provides care and supports and towardsservice users l across several parts of G London and other areas within UK– each with their own unique lifestyle and community. Weare happy in sending our team of expert carers into the homes of these individuals, knowing full well that their care experience and the positive impact of the quality trainingthey have received would be brought to bear on their care delivery services.

    Home Care

    Our service user users highly appreciateour 24/7 care service availability all throughout the year.In order words all our carers are on call for companionship and socialization, support around the home and sometimes assistance with outings and appointments as well as personal care.

    All Careworld London Carers undertake he Skills for Care Certificate through the Careworld London Care Training Academy, which implies the understanding of good communication, respect for privacy, ability to safeguard service users against possible risks and help live comfortably well in your homes.

    Dementia care at home

    The Careworld London Specialist Dementia Care Team is made up of professionals and clinicians with a wide range of backgrounds and skills. From experts in mental health, to holistic therapists, but all joined together with a passion for evidence-based best practice, and enthusiasm for life.

    As close working partners and headline sponsor of The Alzheimer’s Show London, we are on top of the very latest thinking in living well with dementia and Alzheimer’s, and are excited to offer a range of complementary therapies that have been tested and proven to have positive results, including Cognitive Stimulation Therapy, Reminiscence Therapy, and Art Therapy.

    People living with dementia

    Recognised by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) and operating with a focus on innovative and proactive problem-solving, Careworld London’s Learning Disabilities Services embraces Positive Risk Taking (PRT), Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), and the PROACT-SCIPr-UK® (‘Positive Range of Options to Avoid Crisis and use Therapy – Strategies for Crisis Intervention’) approach to managing challenging behaviour.

    Our team of support workers, supervisors, managers, and consultant specialists is equipped to offer you and your family support if you live with:

    • Learning disabilities
    • Down’s Syndrome
    • Autism
    • Differing behaviours
    • Dual Diagnosis: Mental health needs
    • Self-harm behaviours
    • Sensory impairments
    • Speech and language needs

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    Support for people nearing the end of their life

    Our team of carers are adequately equipped with requisite skills to provide top quality palliative and end of life care possible, promoting values of dignity and respect. The support and training each carer receives enables them to support you and your family in a confident and compassionate way by developing trusting and caring relationships.

    The detailed Palliative framework (Training and competency development) End of Life Care programme equips Careworld London carers do help people nearing the end of their life span to be in the comfort of their homes and live out their final years, months or days in the most comforting and suiting manner in accordance with their wishes.

    Families and friends are equally carried along in all our end of life conversation based on the wishes of our service users.

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