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  • The guide to our home care services

    Stay well in your own home

    Careworld London is a care service provider delivering personal support and assistance to people in the comfort of their homes

    Our reputation speaks volumes about us based on the quality of care service provided which has earned us great patronage especially through various recommendations from those who have successfully taken advantage of Careworld care service delivery and can attest to its quality, affordability, flexibility and creativity aimed at ensuring a workable care plan based on choice and guarantees better living for you and your family.

    Why Chosen our home care service?

    Our belief is that with the right care support, there can be no better and more comforting place to receive care support other than the home environment.

    At Careworld, we not only support elderly people to receive the needed care support within the comfort of their homes, but also encourage younger people living with disabilities to get relocated to a place where better care services could be accessed and administered.

    Our priority is to make home life better for you depending on your choice of care plan and preferred environment. We therefore urge you to kindly feel free to contact us at anytime of your choice for whatever preferred care plan suiting your comfort and guaranteeing your peace of mind.

    Who can be our client?

    Careworld London provides variety of care support services for individuals based on the care needs unique to them. Our clients ages range from 3-4 months old child to 100 years which shows servicescovers all ages.

    Our specialised services are as follows:

    At Careworld London, our doors are opened to everyone irrespective of their culture, sex, creed or colour. Our care support service equally takes into cognisance the various religious and ethnic diversity and communities that live across London and its environs.

    Consequently our carefully selected team of carers are being properly briefed and educated on the need to ensure all of these differences and lifestyles of our clients are always respected and upheld in the course of discharging their care services.

    More importantly, as a wy of maintaining strong relationship with our clients and guaranteeing their ultimate comfort, our care team members based on availability can be selected and assigned in line with clients individual language and communication needs.

    Hence having a team of carers with robust knowledge and understanding of English Language and ability to speak clients native language makes Careworld London primus Interferes in the industry.

    Whatkind of care and service are available?

    Careworld London carers and support workers are repeatedly trained and adequately certified and skilful in their various services care services such as elderly and dementia care, care for people with disabilities and complex needs, as well as care for people who exhibit challenging behaviour while at the same time work with all of these people in ensuring these challenges are overcome. Following are the list of various care assistance that you can take advantage of from the comfort of your home as a client:

    • Washing, bathing and dressing
    • Managing continence
    • Preparing meals and support with eating
    Household assistance:
    • Light household cleaning
    • Assisting with washing, ironing, laundry and linen
    • Support with shopping, collecting medications, and accessing pensions and benefits
    Home health care:
    • Attending medical appointments and other commitments
    • Assistance with PEG feeds
    • Medical gasses, nebulisers and oxygen therapy
    Rehabilitation and goal-setting
    • Assistance with daily rehabilitation routines
    • Home adaptation for comfort and skill development
    • Socialisation and confidence-building activities

    For your free care assessment, call 020 76554588.

    Careworld London’s top tips when searching for a high quality care service:

    Download our Home Care Provider Checklist for a more detailed guide to assist you in your search for a suitable home care provider.

    Provider Checklist

    Paying my care

    We cover the full range of home care services available, so our costs are based on your precise needs and requirements, whether it’s providing companionship, personal care, help administering medication or support with more complex healthcare requirements.

    At Careworld London, it is our belief that top quality homecare services should not only be accessible but equally affordable by all. Therefore, regardless of the level of your care needs vis-a –vis your budget, we ensure at Careworld at all times to deliver at your door steps quality, affordable and top care services.

    All Careworld London home care services are available hourly, daily as well as on full time basis. Additionally, all our care packages are flexible and amenable to changes to suite your care needs.

    At Careworld, two care packages are not the same and so it is our desire to know what your care needs are as we assure you of our willingness and preparedness to work you through all the processes with ease and desired comfort.

    We can also advise on the funding options that may be open to you, either from your local authority or through continuing healthcare funding with the NHS.

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