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    Mission Statement

    Defining our Culture

    At Careworld London, our Charter and mission statement have being the guiding principles surrounding our modes of operation as a professional care provider with the overall objective of assisting people to achieve their full potential.

    Careworld is a multi-cultural and multi-dynamic work environment where the concept of respect, empathy, tolerance, professionalism and the likes are not only preached and taught but also embedded in all our care and support delivery services by our dedicated team ofprofessional care givers.

    Our mission statement and service charter at Careworld serve as the guiding principles behind everything we do. Together they create the foundation for the culture of Careworld London and define how we operate as a care provider.

    Careworld London’s mission statement is to provide support to people looking for care for themselves or their loved ones the highest quality care and support possible; regardless of their level of need or dependency.

    The Careworld London Charter expressly sets out how our vision with regards to the mission statement will be achieved. Therefore every member of the team member is expected to execute the service charter before being fully absorbed into the employment of Careworld London. The Charter reads:

    All through our website, you will surely come across several references to Careworld London’s mission statement and charter. It is our hope and belief that all of these will make you better informed and convinced about what our philosophy of quality care and professional work ethics mean.

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