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  • Live-in Care

    Our Live-in care is a personalised and flexible alternative to residential care.

    Careworld London live-in carers stay with you at home day and night, often for at least 2 to 3 weeks at a time. The carer can help with the running of the house as much as desired, as well as provide personal care and companionship, the best place for such care to be administered is no other than the home environment. Consequently, we see our role as assisting clients and their families to make better and informed decisions with regards to their care and support needs.

    Our live-in care services to our various clients are not only available on a daily 24/7 arrangement but also could be brought to the comfort of their homes to enable them receive the desired care and attention in line with their choice and their expected satisfaction.

    The provision of a professional personal care service by our trained and qualified staff at Careworld London,surely stands us out among other care providers in UK and its environs even as it repose the confidence of our clients in our top notch care services which has made a remarkable impact in their lives giving them the opportunity to inquire, make inputs to the various ongoing conversations bothering on their health challenges and efforts geared towards ensuring their speedy recovery.

    This professional touch without mincing words is not only second to none in the industry but also positively speeds up the health situation of our client even as it confirms further the confidence of our clients in the type of care services and support offered by Careworld London and the entire team.

    Top quality 24 hour live-in support can be delivered in homes, based on the knowledge and understanding that Careworld London’s Live-in care service provides constant support which offers quality and affordable care for all clients regardless of their care needs. With this level of care provided the client often can remain in their own home giving a stronger sense of security than a residential care setting may offer.

    At Careworld London, part of our commitment to our clients bother on the recruitment of highly skilled and experienced carers; an exercise carried out through a rigorous and very competitive process all in a bid to have the best carer in our team delivering the best of care and support services to our clients.

    All live-in carers after recruitment routinely undergo award winning training programmes aimed at improving their skills and efficient service delivery to all of our clients across the country.

    We provide specially made live-in care and support service tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients even as we go the extra mile in ensuring that round pegs are put in round holes with particular reference to each client’s case, health uniqueness and care needs. Our ability at Careworld London to put all of these factors into consideration has enabled our team of carers to smoothly fit into our client’s home care needs and unique circumstances.

    Our live-in care service at Careworld not only allows peopleto enjoy an independent life in the comfort of their own home but equally affords them the opportunity of being around their loved ones while receiving the desired care and support services which in effect have a positive psychological impact on their speedy recovery.

    At Careworld and in line with the charter of quality care, we ensure our clients receive and maintain a healthy happy and balanced home life based on their choice and independence.

    Careworld’slive-in care service ensures all out clients can enjoy an independent and very fulfilled life by simply taking advantage of the readily available care and support services from our team of professional care givers.

    Our live-in care services include:
    • Companionship and socialising
    • Assisting with outings and community based activity and appointments
    • Social care support and encouragement
    • Preparing meals and support with eating
    • Providing prompts, reminders and administration of medication
    • Personal care and assistance including washing, bathing and dressing
    • Managing continence
    • Laundry, shopping and light housework
    • Making appointments, maintaining records, keeping diaries

    Your needs

    It is important to state clearly that majority of the calls we receive at Careworld London are usually from families who are devoid of the idea or the type of care support that they need as well as the fear of having an unknown carer in their homes.

    Identifying with this position, Careworld has carefully put in place a clinically tested and proven team of experts whose responsibility is to work you through your care journey with Careworld London and equally address every concern or question pertaining to your care needs with appropriate carer that meets your unique health circumstances provided.

    Consequent upon the above, all manner of fear, doubt, agitation, anxiety and the likes that might beclouded the minds of our clients before subscribing to any of our care plans are completely erased and the desired confidence and right care attitude on the part of our clients guaranteed.

    Live-in care options

    • Short Term – for a few days just to make things easier, perhaps for a holiday or special occasion
    • Long Term – an alternative to residential care. Provision of companionship and support with the clients having the liberty to stay within the comfort of their homes to receive the desired care service and treatment.
    • Convalescence Care – Recovery process tailored to individual client’shealth needs following ill health or a hospital stay
    • Respite – a much needed break for a family carer

    If you are interested in knowing more about our live-in care packages, please feel free to get across to us through our telephone number 020 76554588 as our trained, dedicated and very professional team of carers are on hand to attend to your enquiries.

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