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  • How we care for you

    The ways we care for you at home

    At Careworld London we embrace individuality. Our care services are tailor made to suite the needs of our clients vis-a-vis their preferred lifestyles to enable tem live well in the comfort of their homes.

    Our home care services are delivered in a ‘person-centred’ way. This means that you are at the heart of all decisions made about your care and lifestyle. You are fully carried along in all the various care offers and discussions with your family even as we treat your preferences, strengths and hopes with as much weight as your needs.

    Our person-centred approach is articulated in The Careworld London Charter. All of our team members sign their commitment to The Charter when they join us. It makes your independence, individuality, dignity, and freedom of choice sacrosanct, unwavering and top priority to us.

    “It’s your home, and your lifestyle, so we should live by your rules.”
    – LakyiaAkter,
    Director of Operations and Careworld London co-founder

    We match our carers to the Client Users

    Careworld London is fully aware that your satisfaction with our care services rendered is largely dependent on the personalities involved in the delivery and the quality of their skills and experiences which are requisites to any form of value addition to urclients life based on their care needs.

    Following from the above therefore, we carefully hand select our team of care givers who share your interest as a way establishing and maintaining very strong and lasting relationship with our clients.

    Culturally sensitive

    Careworld London’s culture-focused care is designed to support the multifaceted communities living across London. Care team members are fully trained to ensure your religious, spiritual and cultural lifestyle is always upheld. We train our carers in Jewish Way of Life, Halal cooking, and faith-specific end of life care.

    Subject to availability, Careworld London carers can also be selected according to your individual language and communication needs as many of our team members are multilingual, and best fit into any unique care needs of any of of clients or would be clients and their family.

    Specialist skills

    In addition to our team members trained for care of elderly people at home, we invest heavily in the development of our care team so that they are equipped with the specialist best practice skills they need to meet your needs:


    All Careworld London support services are designed to be flexible. Every care plan is tailored to reflect and respond to changing preferences, needs and abilities of our clients. This flexibility gives room for you and your family to be able to constantly discuss with the Careworld London team the type of care support you need and the best possible way to achieve all the needs.

    Setting goals

    From the very beginning of your relationship with Careworld London, we delight ourselves in knowing your goals. What do you hope for in your lifestyle? What hobbies or routines do you want to maintain? What activities do you want to successfully carry out? All of these conversations would be started during your initial free care assessment and will continue all through your Careworld London journey.

    We work with individuals and families to introduce new therapies such as Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST), horticultural therapy, aromatherapy, and art therapy into our clients’ days. We work with clients to plan and execute social events with friends and new clubs. We work with clients to develop required skills and confidence in achieving personal goals such as getting fitter at the gym, growing their own vegetables and gardens, or gaining employment. At Careworld London, living well means achieving your life goals and dreams regardless of whatever health limitations or disabilities.

    We encourage positive risk taking

    Breaking new grounds for many people, involves some element of risk taking. It would be foolhardy doing same thing all over again and expecting new results. Hence the need for taking some risks: doing things differently, testing new abilities, or creating new ways of living is encouraged as a way of creating new opportunities for growth, better livingas well as increased satisfaction with life. It also connotes the idea of the fact that it is every individual’s right to take these risks.

    Positive Risk Taking means your support workers setting you up to feel successful in your day. For some people, this might mean encouragement and preparation to enable them to complete personal care tasks all alone. At Careworld London, all of our clients regardless of the age, sex, colour or creed stand the chance of taking positive risk leading to better living.

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