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  • Direct Payments

    Careworld London has had several engagements with clients who for a long period of time have been receiving Direct Payment. Most of the people currently being supported are adults with learning disability and we are also endowed with trained and qualified health personnel who know their onions in working with clients (Children and Adults) in the delivery of very efficient and effective care services.

    Direct Payments provides more flexibility over and above a standard care package in the sense that, clients have clear direct access and control over the type of care and support services they subscribe to and how they are administered.

    At Careworld we work closely with our clients to ensure that the careservices rendered by our team are in line with their expectations and at the same time meet their satisfaction as every client is at liberty to choose any care service provider that is flexible in the time and manner of service delivery.

    Although Direct Payments provide some level of controls, yet the use is not as flexible as an Individual Budget.

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