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  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    The corporate social responsibility at Careworld London (CSR) includes but not limited to improving the lives of our service users and workforce, partners, customers as well as the local community and society, contributing to the economic development and exceeding commercial and public expectations. CSR is at the centre of the organisation’s culture.

    Our Commitment to our staff

    Careworld London acknowledges the fact that the greatest asset of the organisation is our staff. The realization has therefore propelled us beyond measure to invest heavily in our staff in the area of offering qualitative and top-notch training programmes on a regular basis to further sharpen their skills which invariably impacts on the efficiency and efficacy of the care service delivery to our clients.

    Commitment to our Community

    Careworld London engages with every local community we serve to build and establish more effective working relationships with local authorities, other providers and third sector groups. We also lend our support to all known local and nationally recognised charities across the country, thereby showcasing our commitment and indirectly pledging our support to the growth and development of the various local communities we work in.

    Commitment to the Environment

    At Careworld London, we take the happening in the environment where we operate very seriously as they could mar or make the expected care service delivery from us.

    Therefore, we at all times preach, promote, encourage and engage in activities that are not only environmental friendly but also in line with environmental best practice. In achieving all of these set goals and objectives, Careworld London engages in all of the under listed practical measures:

    • Waste Reduction

      Careworld London ensures that recycling facilities are available in all our locations. This includes paper, plastics, glass and printer cartridges.

    • Monitoring Fuel Consumption

      Careworld London encourages staff and our various partners to reduce fuel consumption and the amount of energy we use within our business and homes.

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