• Careworld London Ltd.
    The Whitechapel Centre 85 Myrdle Street London E1 1HL
  • Tel:(0)207 655 4588
  • Fax:(0)560 345 8378
  • Company Values

    At Careworld London we firmly believe that everyone in life should have the privilege of living life in the best possible way. This right we strongly believe should be freely and independently exercised and controlled by individuals through their choice of care and support plan aimed at achieving the goal of fulfilled and comfortable life.

    At Careworld London, this choice is secured and guaranteed even as we strive to ensure all our clients are fully empowered to live comfortably and independently.

    Our Values include:
    • Ensuring the health, wellbeing and rights of individuals to help ensure people‚Äôs independence and good quality of life for longer.
    • Treatment of People with compassion and respect and devoid of any form of abuse and neglect.
    • Carers are recognised for their contribution to society as vital partners in care, and are supported to reach their full potential and lead the lives they want.
    • Continuous development of caring, skilled and much-valued workforce that delivers quality and specialist care and support in partnership with individuals, families and communities.

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