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    Mostcare provider promises quality care. What makes Careworld London different?

    Top quality care that make us stand out

    When new employees join the Careworld London team, they are made to execute a bond or contract which among other things include; their promise to treat people respectfully, uphold the principle individuality, give room for self-expression, and encourage clients to choose freely the desired care needs. The first promise of the Charter is to “provide the highest quality of care and support possible”.

    When recruiting for Careworld London the key characteristics we look for in individuals are compassion & empathy, respect for all, commitment and perseverance, and above all the unwavering zealfor the task to be accomplished.

    “There are many important elements of caregiving that come together to deserve the term ‘quality care’,” says Director of Operations and Careworld London co-founder, Ayub Khan.

    The Care Quality Commission (CQC) can attest to the fact that Careworld London has highly rated care service centred on effective, responsive and safe care delivery coupled with an efficient management team. Positive feedbacks from our clients about the quality of ourcare services and the comportment of our staff in the course of their discharge are living proofs and they abound with the CQC.

    According to Ayub Khan, Director of operations and Cofounder Careworld London, in addition to all of these positive feedbacks, there are other underlining things that depict what true and quality care stands for namely honesty. Empathy,understanding people’s emotional needs and having respect for who they are.”

    “Quality is everyday good practice, and we’re proud of the care that we provide.”
    – Ayub Khan, CEO-Careworld London co-founder.

    We Sincerely listen to our Service Users

    On a yearly basis, Careworld London carries out surveys about our services to all of our clients, their family members, network of social workers, district nurses, care managers, and GPs, to give us feedback on how effective and satisfying they believe our live-in care and live-out services have been. Results from the 2017 Client Survey on General Home Care and Dementia Services are now published and can be easily accessed via our portal.

    Resultantly, 95.5 per cent of respondents rated our Carers as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’ in the most recent survey – an increase on last year’s 95 per cent result. Separate Quality Assurance Surveys are carried out for our Learning Disability homecare services, and results of these can be accessed through our portal

    Reports from the annual surveys carried out by us help to shape the services that we provide, and we are grateful to our clients and their families for their continued participation in the surveys as well as the tireless support and valued patronage at all times.

    We are independently assessed

    The UK’s national Care Quality Commission (CQC) is an independent regulator of health and social care in England. Every year it assesses Careworld London Home Care Services against rigorous industry standards, and in October 2016Careworld London was awarded an overall rating of Good across its home care services, staff, and procedures.

    Click here to see our 2016 CQC Reports

    Our staffs are qualified, trained and valued

    At Careworld London, our professional, personalised in-house training is one of the marks of our success story and this has equally made us the leader in the industry. Through Careworld London Care Training Academy, all members of the team are trained to understand, defend, live and demonstrate all of requirements and guiding principles of all of these trainingsas they grow their own skills and careers.

    Among a number of national certificates available, we provide in-house courses to our team members in elderly care at home End of Life Care training, and AIM Awards to grow knowledge on diabetes, dementia, and more. Our 12-week Care Certificate has been held up as a national example of best practice.

    Our care team members are carefully and professionally selected under the supervision and vetting process of Careworld London management. We not only cherish their skills but also appreciate the importance of their personalities in delivering our high-quality home care.

    Transparent, Open Minded and Value for Money

    “There’s nothing glossy about delivering true quality care,” Ayub says, “and it’s disingenuous to pretend that there is. No one wants to depend on somebody else to live comfortably in their own home. No one would ordinarily in a normal situation wants to trade offhis or her innate personal abilities in meeting daily needs or goals and entrust such to a third party.

    According to Ayub, If we can understand this as carers and bring the knowledge of this to bear on the care service being rendered to our client by making their life better, then we can say we are delivering on the promise of our Charter. “Quality is everyday good practice, and we’re proud of the care that we provide.”

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